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August 13, 2012

Q&A with Haney on SCUS

The final chapter in my discussion with Haney Mallemat on ultrasound-guided central access. Unfortunately the recording got cut off but 12 minutes made it!

A plethora of related links below.

See also:

Prequel: Subclavian Ultrasound
8 min screencast on how to place a subclavian under US guidance

Episode 1: Questions for Haney on SCUS
My response to his SCUS video

Episode 2: Answers from Haney on SCUS
Haney's response to my response to his SCUS video

Matt Pirotte: Why you should never (rarely) do a femoral line

PHARM: Podcast 20 : Femoral Vein Access the root of all EVIL? with Dr Mathew Pirotte

EMCrit's central line tutorial (including the safe way to place a blind SC)

Dr G on FEAST: Fluid therapy in shocked children - NEJM article
One of many responses to the FEAST trial (Dr G's is a nice, brief overview but the formatting on his site is off; highlight the text to make it readable -- ctrl-A or command-a works)

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