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December 21, 2012

Outstanding Reference Award

  • appears in a legitimate publication
  • quotes a fictional character
  • cites of Wikipedia
  • Bonus Points awarded for referencing the Will Rogers Phenomenon.

Congratulations to Brendan Carr & Robert Welch for the first MDaware Outstanding Reference Award for #6 in Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage, Value in Health Care, and Being Important (currently e-pubbed).

The article is a very nice piece on patient-centered care and evidence for GCS-15 ICH patients and is worth a read.

The ORA is given here for:

UPDATE 11/1/2014:
Bret Nelson sends in a critical letter to the editor:

Jeremy just showed me your best reference awards. From 2012, yes, but I'm still catching up on the internet. I am surprised Annals allowed a Wikipedia reference in this case since it is obviously not the primary source of the quote used.
The spider man reference, "with great power comes great responsibility," should have looked something like:

Lee, Stan (w), Kirby, Jack (p), Ditko, Steve (i). "Introducing Spider Man" Amazing Fantasy 15 (August 1962), New York, NY: Marvel Comics
With the caveat that the original comic book text as written was 

Of note, according to Wikiquote:
The saying pre-dates"Amazing Fantasy. The phrase "with great power goes great responsibility" was spoken by J. Hector Fezandie in an 1894 graduation address at The Stevens Institute of Technology - "The Moral Influence of a Scientific Education", The Stevens Indicator, Volume 11, Page 217. The exact phrase was repeated during a speech by President Harry S. Truman in November 1950 - Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Harry S. Truman, 1950 (published 1965), Page 703. A UK Member of Parliament implied in 1817 that a variant of it was already a cliché Thomas C. Hansard, ed (1817). Parliamentary Debates. p. 1227. Retrieved on October 10, 2013.
Bret Nelson

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