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November 19, 2014

Why We Fight

True story:

The other day I was leaving after a busy shift. As I was just a few feet from the door, a nurse grabbed me and said the patient in room 17* wanted to see me.

I turned around, put my bag down and took off my coat, and went into the patient's room.

"The nurse said you wanted to see me about something?" I asked.

"Yes," said the patient. "I'm sorry, I know you were just trying to go home. But I just wanted to say: thank you."


Ari Kestler just shared this picture. I modified it a little; seems to work better this way:

*room numbers have been changed to protect patient privacy.
**I can't read the attribution on the bottom, and searching the internets has been unsuccessful. Does anyone know who made the original?


  1. allegedly image from:

  2. did you reply "Can I go home now?"