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January 1, 2015

Not Used to Being Naked Around Strangers

Chris Carroll recently shared this "Advice from a Patient," which seems to be from the PFCC Innovation Center 2013 Annual Report, and was not written by Gill Phillips:
This may be a normal day at work for you,
but it’s a big day in my life. 
The look on your face and the tone of your voice
can change my entire view of the world. 
Remember, I’m not usually this needy or scared. 
I am here because I trust you; help me stay confident. 
I may look like I’m out of it,
but I can hear your conversations. 
I’m not used to being naked around strangers.
Keep that in mind. 
I’m impatient because I want to get the heck
out of here. Nothing personal. 
I don’t speak your language well.
You’re going to do what to my what? 
I may only be here for four days,
but I’ll remember you the rest of my life. 
Your patients need your patience.
Some great thoughts to keep in mind for the upcoming year. Happy 2015!

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