August 14, 2011

MDA Medical Glossary

adipaucity noun (mjp)
     skinniness, slimness, thinness
The cric was pretty easy due to the patient's adipaucity.

historical alternans - noun (unknown)
     multiple variations in a patient's recounting of symptoms or other pertinent history
The medical student, junior resident, and I all got very different stories from the patient due to his historical alternans.

historopenic - adjective (nst)
     inability to provide current or past medical history
I have no idea what's going on with that historopenic patient.

hypoplastic vocal cord syndrome - noun (nst)
     requiring endotracheal intubation
This patient is getting pretty sick; we need to replete the plastic between his vocal cords.

PEA-spectrum disorder - noun (mjp)
     1) critically ill; near death
     2) trying to die
Call the MICU- the patient's PEA-spectrum disorder is worsening.

Pirotte's sign - noun (mjp)
     snoring under a full sterile drape during central line placement, indicating sepsis
That septic patient had Pirotte's sign.

rocuremic - adjective (nst)
     1) satisfactory intubating conditions
     2) immobile, paralyzed
That ET tube was easy to pass, the patient was pretty rocuremic.

succinylkalemic - adjective (nst)
     peri-intubation arrest from presumed hyperkalemia
Can you push a gram of calcium? I'll start compressions.

Trueger's sign - noun (nst)
     reported diphenhydramine allergy; correlated strongly with Axis II diagnoses and/or fibromyalgia
The patient's requesting a chest MRI.

tube intolerance syndrome - noun (nst)
     a patient with multiple difficult-to-place catheters, or with multiple complications catheter placement.
I couldn't thread the wire on his central line, the NG tube wouldn't work, and his peripheral IV infiltrated... again.
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