December 27, 2012

PHARM FOAMed Airway Curriculum

Minh gets himself a CL-1 on... himself
In addition to the countless posts and presumably a real job, Minh Le Cong has been putting together a free online airway curriculum. So far he has 4 episodes, here's what we have so far:

#FOAMEd Online Airway training Program – Anatomy review lecture by Dr Seth Trueger
we discuss airway anatomy

#FOAMEd Online Airway training Program – POSITIONING AND BLADE USE with Trueger and Faust
we talk about positioning and some techniques for laryngoscopy
featuring special guest and magnesium enthusiast Jeremy Faust

#FOAMEd Online Airway training Program – more Anatomy, blade technique and topicalisation by Dr Seth Trueger
Featuring a guest appearance by Minh's glottis

PHARM Podcast 52 : #FOAMEd Online Airway training Program – Airway Decision making
Featuring one of my airway mentors, the incomparable Reuben Strayer, and a tough case from Alexei Wagner

December 21, 2012

Outstanding Reference Award

Congratulations to Brendan Carr & Robert Welch for the first MDaware Outstanding Reference Award for #6 in Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage, Value in Health Care, and Being Important (currently e-pubbed).

The article is a very nice piece on patient-centered care and evidence for GCS-15 ICH patients and is worth a read.

The ORA is given here for:
  • appears in a legitimate publication
  • quotes a fictional character
  • cites of Wikipedia
  • excellence of reference
  • Bonus Points awarded for referencing the Will Rogers Phenomenon.

December 3, 2012

Tweet-in-Brief: Truncated Vent Edition