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January 17, 2013

Capnography PK SMACC Talk

Here's my SMACC PK on Capnography (LITFL page)

plus check out the great PK on ETCO2 in Cardiac Arrest by Jon Schonert


  1. Seth - best PK talk ever! This was right-on!
    One thing though - I would be nervous if I only saw "1 pixel" of variation with each breath in an intubated patient. Thanks!

  2. Benjamin- Thanks! I appreciate it.

    I agree, 1 pixel variation is not particularly reassuring, and I think it's reasonable to check the tube/LMA in any other way you can (eg gently place a bougie until hold-up). The only times I have seen such a small variation is during cardiac arrest.

    The big mistake would be to attribute a flat ETCO2 to the low cardiac output from the arrest, and not that your tube is not in.